About Lesley

Author Lesley D. Nurse has not only arrived like honey to your tea, but is here to stay like honey to your tea. She is here to introduce new ways of thinking that inspires, unites, delights children and heals adults from bondage. In her latest children’s book, “ How Sunny Sees It” is about embracing learning differently and trusting one’s own intuition. Lesley’s journey began writing poetry in school, to authoring relationship advice books, motivational quotes and now children’s books. Her own life - robustly full of color and dark helped evaporate her writing style into a balanced mix of heart, spirit, and soul. Her love of fashion and education from the Fashion Institute of Technology adds her vivid flair to her special characters. Lesley, previously wrote another children’s book called, “ The Tale of Greedy Reeby” which helps show the importance of sharing and the power of letting go. If you like to be part entertained and part enlightened then Lesley’s books are sure to be your new favorite and  must read!