All Things Come To Those Who Work

Why Manifesting and Work must make your dreams come true

Photo by Harnnarong/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by Harnnarong/iStock / Getty Images

You name it, I have done it to test out my entrepreneurial chops. I had an education and felt uninspired and through temp jobs and customer service jobs, I decided that I had to take my future in my hands. It’s funny, no, it’s actually an awakening, that the people who “seemed” and talked like they would help, suddenly they could not. If one’s not careful, this could stop you or delay your actions. As much as I would like to say that I never stopped, that wouldn’t be true. I got complacent, thought it was too late at one point, and felt like life kept trapping me and I gave in. Then as time went on, I wasn’t fulfilled, I still liked pushing myself and seeing what could be. I kept watching people that I admired in media, entertainment and business and saw how they remained consistent. For me, writing, design and being a Motivational Speaker are my passions. Helping others to overcome their obstacles and live their best life is what drives me. When your environment is small, sometimes your thinking is small too. You think that certain things can only happen for them and not you. It’s time to take personal responsibility. Don’t worry about how others get ahead and focus on being the best you. That starts with how you think. What are some areas that could be holding you back from pursuing your dreams? What old beliefs are restricting your mind from going for it? I’m a huge believer in clarity first before success. If you don’t have a clear mind, and get a lucky break, it will not last. Build up your mental muscles and work, work, work. Work your mind and work your dreams into reality. You can’t have or keep one without the other.

If The Shoe Doesn't Fit, Don't Shove It

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I wanted to love these shoes but these shoes didn't want to love me back lol. I loved the color, texture, height, but it never fit. I tried stretching them and the back got bigger and the front still felt awkward. No matter what I did, it didn't work. So happily, I gave them away and the recipient loved it. She was very excited and I was happy that it was a fit for her. See, what's destined for you, is destined for you. It doesn't matter the time, place or situation. What's truly yours will be yours


I Like Me

I Like Me by Lesley D. Nurse

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I like me. It's simple yet hard for some to say it about themselves and truly mean it. I once thought that it was a bad thing to say, based on how other people saw themselves. The truth is, I used to surround myself with people who had limited beliefs, and liking me, was seen as arrogant. Don't believe the lie. Liking oneself should actually come in first place, because when you like yourself, you can like others too. I was having a business phone conversation with a woman yesterday, discussing my book, "How Sunny Sees It" and she said with enthusiasm that she could imagine if we hung out together, that I would be so much fun with her and her friends. I didn't fully agree with that and said " I'm more of a one on one person and I like to keep a distance. I'm pleasant but not on." She paused. Then she followed up with " really? I took you for an outgoing person" and then I wondered what did I just spell out to her? ( I am likeable, I thought to myself)  It was an awkward conversation of pleasant exchanges, but it seemed like she kept trying to tidy up what she thought I was trying to say. " Oh you mean that I'm the lucky one because you're choosing to be close to me right? "

" Right" I agreed. Maybe, she thought that I'm friendly after a cosmo or two, I thought to myself. Either way, I didn't care, because I like me. I told her that I'm more interested in organic connections and it depends. That is the truth. It might sound dull or boring or even mean, but I do care about genuine connections. I care about listening to what you have to say, as long as you care about what I have to say. I care about what makes you smile or cry, as long as you care about what makes me smile or cry. I care about our bond and if I have to wait to make that connection, then I'll wait. Don't get me wrong, I am and can be on, but I don't want to fake it, I want to be inspired to feel it. Some people are going to want you to fit into their image of you. If they see you as friendly and outgoing, they will expect that from you. If they see you as mean or rude, they will expect that from you. That's from them. It's how you see yourself and what you aspire to become is what matters. Keep working on it daily because even if some people believe that they don't have to work at it, we all do. I'm not going to tell you that every little doubtful whisper in your head or temptation to clean it up or make her reconsider liking me voice, goes away. But, I can promise you that you get to make the choice. It is hard work to adjust to people's expectations of you. It is hard work to keep trying to fit in. Just be you. It might not guarantee all of the friends in the world, but you will get the greatest gift of the world and that is the gift of accepting you - and I like that. 

You're Already There...

You're already there

Author and Speaker Lesley D. Nurse

I had a chat online with a friend and we constantly encourage each other whenever we speak or dm. And I said that I would see him at the top and he said that we were already there. It floored me. Imagine having this and I gasp for air before saying this - ideal image of what getting there looked like. Lets face it, I had a list. Most women that I know, also have one or atleast a solid idea of what goals they would like to accomplish. I thought that until I accomplished those "goals" that I really didn't get there or even close. I thought if I was harder on myself, I was being better to myself in the long run. Don't ask me where that came from, but it's my truth of the lie that I believed. Back to his affirmation or truth, or both. It awakened me, it almost made me allow myself to leap forward and dive right into getting my stuff done. I'm on social media. Check. Blogging, Check. I wrote an amazing children's book. Check, check - but seriously and most importantly, I am there. I am fully invested in sharing my experiences with the world to help someone else. I'm fully invested in writing children's books that help kids learn early that they can believe in themselves, pursue their dreams, get knocked down and get back up and trust their intuition for the entire journey. I am proud of my accomplishments in the now. Check. So where are you right now or want to be? Have you heard a lot of nos or think that it's too late or you're not close enough? Maybe you are there and don't even know it. Maybe, being there is not about external gain but inwardly. Trust the process. I know that I am, even when it feels like I should give in. I believe the more time that you take, to see the good in you, the growth and how far that you've truly come, you will see that YOU've been there all along.