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Thanks for visiting my page....So where do I start? It's a funny thing that happened on my way to becoming an author of a children's book. Funny, what happens when you had other plans....

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How My Writing Began

I always liked writing, In fact, I did so in school as a little girl. I wrote poetry and short stories and really was always creating something. Fast forward, then I graduated college from The Fashion Institute of Technology and earned my degree in Advertising and Marketing Communications. Which is a big title for knowing how to do, fix and create a lot of things. It intrigued me. I was ready for the real world and then I graduated. Life gave me a reality check. Starting at the bottom. I did internships at media companies, while maintaining a full-time hotel front desk job and realized that it wasn't going to be as glamorous or as easy as I'd thought. The other jobs were offering me less than what my hotel gig dished out weekly - and it was a hard job to let go off. So I didn't.  And then one day, I got a new opportunity to move up to Sales. Finally! I am being recognized for my hard work. I was ready to do anything and look good doing it. My new position and I lasted for 3 long weeks in Sales. It was not a match made in heaven;  more on my boss's side, because I was just hungry to work and learn. Neither of those things were offered to me. I just realized that my pain was the beginning of feeling something new - passion. I was comfortable at my front desk job for years and in 3 weeks on the second floor, I had enough. I didn't know where I was going, but I knew that I was born to do more.