You're Already There...

You're already there

Author and Speaker Lesley D. Nurse

I had a chat online with a friend and we constantly encourage each other whenever we speak or dm. And I said that I would see him at the top and he said that we were already there. It floored me. Imagine having this and I gasp for air before saying this - ideal image of what getting there looked like. Lets face it, I had a list. Most women that I know, also have one or atleast a solid idea of what goals they would like to accomplish. I thought that until I accomplished those "goals" that I really didn't get there or even close. I thought if I was harder on myself, I was being better to myself in the long run. Don't ask me where that came from, but it's my truth of the lie that I believed. Back to his affirmation or truth, or both. It awakened me, it almost made me allow myself to leap forward and dive right into getting my stuff done. I'm on social media. Check. Blogging, Check. I wrote an amazing children's book. Check, check - but seriously and most importantly, I am there. I am fully invested in sharing my experiences with the world to help someone else. I'm fully invested in writing children's books that help kids learn early that they can believe in themselves, pursue their dreams, get knocked down and get back up and trust their intuition for the entire journey. I am proud of my accomplishments in the now. Check. So where are you right now or want to be? Have you heard a lot of nos or think that it's too late or you're not close enough? Maybe you are there and don't even know it. Maybe, being there is not about external gain but inwardly. Trust the process. I know that I am, even when it feels like I should give in. I believe the more time that you take, to see the good in you, the growth and how far that you've truly come, you will see that YOU've been there all along.

So what?


why stress

when you

can worry less?


so what?

These words are so simple yet powerful. In fact, whenever I have a " moment" I say these words to myself. I wouldn't be able to create inspiring stories if I didn't experience moments of doubts, challenges or that good old intellectual side of mine, that likes facts over faith. The struggle is real. Sometimes, you are the first. Sometimes, they will not like you because they can not relate to you nor understand you. Sometimes, you're too fearless and that can scare those who are not, or not as fearless as you are. The true destination of happiness is within you and not anywhere else or anyone else. It might seem that it's too good to be true, but it really is true. The more solid that you are, the more solid you can handle life and what comes your way. There is no discount when you're braver. You just have tools that you're not afraid to use, no matter how bad it is. Like meditation, positive affirmations, communication, patience, forgiveness, going first, trying something new, love and taking action, like never before. So what will you say " so what" to? This is not meant to be rude or dismissive towards others. It's a mindset of courage and having the ability to go forward even when you feel everything but courageousness. It's the ability to take one more step, even when you don't feel like doing so. It's the inner voice that keeps pushing the button in our mind and hearts to do whatever it is that we truly are destined to do. So what will you do today that you've been putting off or talking yourself out of doing? When will you go for it? Scared? So what? Who isn't? Fear is not able to stop you unless you allow it to. So the next time that you need a pick me up and no one is around to help out, just ask yourself, so what? What do you have to lose? It's your one life to live, go for it. If they don't believe in you or like you, or it's never been done before or it's too hard, but YOU want to do it? So What? Do it! You get to decide and that's so awesome. 


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Thanks for visiting my page....So where do I start? It's a funny thing that happened on my way to becoming an author of a children's book. Funny, what happens when you had other plans....

How Sunny Sees It

How My Writing Began

I always liked writing, In fact, I did so in school as a little girl. I wrote poetry and short stories and really was always creating something. Fast forward, then I graduated college from The Fashion Institute of Technology and earned my degree in Advertising and Marketing Communications. Which is a big title for knowing how to do, fix and create a lot of things. It intrigued me. I was ready for the real world and then I graduated. Life gave me a reality check. Starting at the bottom. I did internships at media companies, while maintaining a full-time hotel front desk job and realized that it wasn't going to be as glamorous or as easy as I'd thought. The other jobs were offering me less than what my hotel gig dished out weekly - and it was a hard job to let go off. So I didn't.  And then one day, I got a new opportunity to move up to Sales. Finally! I am being recognized for my hard work. I was ready to do anything and look good doing it. My new position and I lasted for 3 long weeks in Sales. It was not a match made in heaven;  more on my boss's side, because I was just hungry to work and learn. Neither of those things were offered to me. I just realized that my pain was the beginning of feeling something new - passion. I was comfortable at my front desk job for years and in 3 weeks on the second floor, I had enough. I didn't know where I was going, but I knew that I was born to do more.