Best Children's Book

How sunny sees it

How Sunny Sees It, is about a little girl named Sunny, who, like most of us, has struggles to overcome. Hers include learning how to read with confidence, believing in herself, and learning to trust her own intuition. Although it is a children's book, all ages will quickly see a relatable mirror of their own thoughts and feelings about their own shortcomings. The teasing and the self-doubts are situations that most people can relate to. Told in a Dr. Seuss rhyming style, it delivers an uplifting message and offers an invitation to the reader to trust ones own intuition. How Sunny Sees It is more than overcoming fears of reading, it also inspires us to be brave, to think positively, and to use our intuition at all times. Its a great reminder how a sunny life can really be, no matter your circumstances, when you see it in that way.


The tale of greedy reeby

The Tale of Greedy Reeby is a about a little girl named Reeby, who struggles with sharing her birthday cake with another student, who shares the same birthday. Reeby learns that sharing is good and so is making new friends. 

The Tale Of Greedy Reeby
By Lesley D Nurse
Best children's book